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My first news: Here we are – I have my own webpage. Hope you like it – feel free to watch my photos and videos and find out everything about me what you ever wanted to know. Thanks to Sascha (www.saschakaderka.com) for the great work on it!

My Facebook Fanpage is online

The time has come: I have my own Facebook Fanpage. Feel free to give me a like on: https://www.facebook.com/mike.swanson.skydive

Over 1.000 Wingsuit Jumps

About me

profilepicNo one has more U.S. National and World gold medals for three-way freefly skydiving than Mike Swanson. His four national titles and three world championships, multiple gold medals at the legendary Space Games, and other major triumphs have set him apart in a very elite group of athletes. He has also co-organised and participated in five world records, including the current mark of 108 people freeflying head down in formation. When he’s not doing demos with the Red Bull Air Force or filming for movies and television, he’s busy coaching other skydivers and refining his own skills.

Mike has become recognised as a pioneer of freeflying and has compiled a resume of more than 18,000 skydives (jumping from as high as 25,000 feet), over 1,000 wingsuit jumps (300 involving proximity flying), in excess of 700 BASE jumps, over 200 hours as a private airplane pilot and roughly 300 live shows. He also pilots paragliders and paramotors, and has been a professional aerial cameraman for 16 years.

Mike loves being in front of the camera just as much as he loves being behind it. He has contributed to projects including ‘Transformers 3’, in which he performed stunt flying through downtown Chicago, and pays a central role in the new ‘Human Flight 3D’ feature film. “It’s definitely the most fun I’ve had so far,” Mike says. “But there’s still a lot out there to discover.”

Photos & Videos


Stoked at the possibility of heading back here in a couple months

Love this shot! Photo: Greg Shelton

4 way wingsuit flight at the crack! Photo Greg Shelton

Freefly Circus – First Place- First Official USPA Freefly Nationals, October 2000

Show Team 2001


The Trench!

Following Jon on one of his practice jumps before the recent World Wingsuit League race in China.

4 way B.A.S.E Exit!

Video from our trip to the cave in Oman earlier this year.

Oman cave jump earlier this year

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More than 18.000 Skydives

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